Aria International Summer Academy
Advanced Music Studies
2018 Season - Mihai Tetel, Director
Travel Information

Participants who plan to travel by air will need to fly into the Hartford/Springfield (Bradley International) airport. ARIA will charter buses for its participants on the following dates only: June 28 and July 9 (session I), July 11 and July 22 (session II), and July 24 and August 4 (session III). The cost for bus transportation is $40 per person, each way ($80 for any round trip). Payments must be received in advance in order for the ARIA office to book an appropriate number of seats with the bus company. Checks need to be made payable to ARIA and mailed to: Prof. Mihai Tetel, 49 Chevas Road, Avon, CT, 06001 USA.

Please ensure that your arriving flight on June 28, or July 11, or July 24 arrives at the Hartford/Springfield airport anytime before 2:00 PM, and that your departing flight on July 9, or July 22, or August 4 departs from the Hartford/Springfield airport anytime after 1:00 PM. If you have any problems booking your flights within these guidlines please call the ARIA office at 765-212-0327 in advance, to discuss a possible solution or alternate arrangements, or email Prof. Mihai Tetel at

Driving directions can be obtained from the website of Mount Holyoke College at

Participants who wish to make their own bus transportation arrangements are welcome to do so. Please investigate which companies service South Hadley, MA, and on which days of the week. The companies and frequency of service change almost from year to year, and we are therefore unable to print any information at present time due to the strong possibility that it might change by the time ARIA sessions begin. The bus stop in South Hadley is within a short walking distance to the campus of Mount Holyoke College. For the past few years the Peter Pan bus company has provided service to South Hadley, MA.

The nearest train station is in Springfield, MA, about 20 minutes away from South Hadley by taxi.