Aria International Summer Academy
Advanced Music Studies
2022 Season - Mihai Tetel, Director
About the Program
Program Information for the Intensive Sessions

Covid-19 protocol
In accordance with the CDC recommendations and Mount Holyoke College policies all ARIA participants must be fully vaccinated (including booster shot) at least two weeks prior to their arrival on campus. Face masks will be required in indoor spaces while taking part in ARIA.

The two sessions are designed to provide an intensive and in-depth experience for serious students aged 16-28.

Each participant receives eight 45-minute lessons during a two-week session and has the opportunity to perform in several masterclasses.

Please note: All participants receive instruction through private lessons and/or master classes from all teachers for their instrument in any given session.

All participants will be sent a list of suggested repertoire to prepare several weeks before the beginning of the program in order to fully take advantage of what the program has to offer.

While most of the masterclasses are repertoire-based, some masterclasses explore various technique and/or musicianship issues. Participants can offer to play in several repertoire-based masterclasses for which they feel prepared. All participants can take part in the masterclasses that deal with technique and/or musicianship.

In addition to the private lessons and masterclasses all participants will be able to take part in a Talk to the Pros class (one in each session). Those classes will provide a forum for faculty and students to get together and discuss career issues, competitions, auditions, and intelligent practice strategies.

Here are the specific topics for the 2022 masterclasses, with the date and name of each faculty member who teaches each masterclass:

VIOLIN - Session 1 (one 2-hour masterclass each day)

June 23: Bowlin = Brahms Violin Sonatas
June 24: Krysa = Russian composers (works by Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, Kabalevsky, etc.)
June 25: Bowlin = Meaning and Creativity in Phrasing
June 26: Krysa = Etudes and Caprices class
June 27: Lewis = The Music of Fritz Kreisler
June 28: Krysa = General repertoire class
June 29: Lewis = Exploring Bach with a Baroque bow
June 30: Lewis = 4th finger exercises
July 1: Yon = Drama, articulation and dynamics in Mozart concerti
July 2: Sharp = Charm and bravura in show pieces of Sarasate, Wieniawski and others
July 3: Yon = Shifting 101: Sevcik, Yost and beyond
July 4: Sharp = Architecture and dance in the solo sonatas of Bach and Ysaye
July 5: Yon = Orchestral excerpt: Scherzo from Mendelssohn's Scherzo from A Midsummer Night's Dream - a detailed practice guide.
July 6: Sharp = Approaching with fresh eyes the Bruch, Sibelius, Mendelssohn and other famous concerti

VIOLIN - Session 2 (one 2-hour masterclass each day)

July 10: Grossman: French etudes
July 11: Ivakhiv: Romantic concerti
July 12: Grossman: French violin repertoire
July 13: Lansdale: Bach: hypometer and swing
July 14: Grossman: the music of Fritz Kreisler
July 15: Zazofsky: Phrase shaping in a cadenza
July 16: Grossman: standard orchestral excerpts
July 17: Zazofsky: Vibrato: incidental, expressive, or none
July 18: Jolles: Bach - elements of Baroque style class #1
July 19: Grossman: Somatics of violin playing
July 20: Jolles: Bach - elements of Baroque style class #2
July 21: Muresanu: Beethoven Concerto, sonatas, romances
July 22: Jolles: the U-shaped bow
July 23: Muresanu: virtuosity pieces and slow encores

FLUTE – Session 1 (one 2-hour masterclass each day)

June 23: Boyd = Developing a great flute sound
June 24: Barth = Telemann Fantasies
June 25: Boyd = Mozart Concerto for auditions Class #1
June 26: Barth: Unaccompanied solo flute works of the 20th/21st Century
June 27: Boyd = Mozart Concerto for auditions Class #2
June 28: Barth = Pushing the limits: repertoire that includes drastic contrasts. Learning to enhance one's expressive capabilities
June 29: Boyd = General Repertoire Class #1
June 30: Boyd = General Repertoire Class #2
July 1: Still = Orchestral excerpts Class #1
July 2: Boyd = General Repertoire Class #3
July 3: Still = Orchestral Repertoire Class #2
July 4: Boyd = Mock Audition #1
July 5: Still = Go further in the "long breath" excerpts: Debussy - L'Apres Midi, Mendelssohn - Scherzo, Hindemith - Metamorphosen, etc.
July 6: Boyd = Mock audition #2

FLUTE – Session 2 (one 2-hour masterclass each day)

July 10: Keeble = The colors and technique of Daphnis and Chloe
July 11: Toote = Finger buster excerpts: Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf, Stravinsky – Firebird, Prokofiev – Classical Symphony, or bring your own finger buster!
July 12: Keeble = The Ibert Concerto: double tonguing and color
July 13: Toote = Andersen op.15 etudes
July 14: Keeble = Nielsen Concerto
July 15: Toote = Telemann Fantasies – beginning ornamentation
July 16: Keeble = Expressivity and color: The Griffes "Poem"
July 17: Shin = Mozart concerti class #1
July 18: Mendenhall = Hue - Fantasie
July 19: Shin = Mozart concerti class #2
July 20: Mendenhall = Debussy - Syrinx
July 21: Shin = Flute music by French composers
July 22: Mendenhall = Martin - Ballade
July 23: Shin = Bach's Sonatas

CLARINET (one 2-hour masterclass each day)

June 23: Samuels = Debussy Premiere Rhapsody: the intersection of character, expression, and technique
June 24: de Guise-Langlois = Rossini: Introduction, Theme, and Variations
June 25: de Guise-Langlois = Copland Concerto
June 26: Kang = Schumann Fantasy Pieces
June 27: Samuels = Moments to shine: cadenzas from concerto repertoire (Nielsen, Weber, Copland, etc.)
June 28: Kang = Rose etudes
June 29: Silver = I learned everything I know from the Weber Concertino
June 30: Cohen = Standard orchestral excerpts class #1
July 1: Silver = Warm-ups, drills, daily rituals
July 2: Cohen = Standard orchestral excerpts class #2
July 3: Fiterstein = Articulation in 20th Century works: Poulenc Sonata and Stravinsky Three Pieces
July 4: Gunn = Mozart Concerto: how to approach phrasing
July 5: Fiterstein = Legato and staccato
July 6: Gunn = Reeds: breaking in and adjusting

CELLO (one 2-hour masterclass each day)

July 10: Norman Fischer: Solo Bach Suites class #1 - Preludes
July 11: Bruce Uchimura: Brahms sonatas
July 12: Norman Fischer: Solo Bach Suites class #2 - Dance movements
July 13: Bruce Uchimura: Elgar Concerto
July 14: Mihai Tetel: shifting: when, how, and why
July 15: Nick Curry: how to practice the Saint-saens Concerto
July 16: Paul York: Haydn concerti
July 17: Mihai Tetel: the works of Robert Schumann
July 18: Paul York: Popper etudes
July 19: Steve Balderston: The Magic of Sound... or is it?
July 20: Dmitry Kouzov: Russian composers: Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Kabalevsky, Rachmaninoff, etc.
July 21: Steve Balderston: the short piece: a study in character
July 22: Andrew Mark: targeting your scale practice towards a well-rounded routine
July 23: Dmitry Kouzov: Beethoven sonatas